Comcast contract

Dear residents,

The board voted for a new 10 year comcast contract last night that
will now bundle basic cable, hd channels, one hd box and comcast
internet.  We intend to execute the contract to take effect November
1, 2013.

If you currently have the above comcast services, you don’t need to do
anything, they will adjust your monthly bill.

If you currently use another service for internet, you should switch
to comcast as the cost will now be added to your quarterly assessment
payments which will increase accordingly with next year’s budget.


The Board


The following rules and regulations pertain to the Coastal Bay HOA Clubhouse.  The Clubhouse rules and regulations have been approved by the Association Board and are required for clubhouse rental by Coastal Bay HOA homeowners.

Clubhouse Rental Eligibility

Coastal Bay HOA Clubhouse is available for the use and enjoyment of Coastal Bay HOA homeowners and their residents in good standing.  The rules and procedures for clubhouse rental are set forth below.

Restrictions:  No for-profit business activities or events are permitted if the intent of the rental is for solicitation, promotion and/or sales of any kind.  This restriction applies to Coastal Bay HOA residents, and any other person or entity, seeking to rent either clubhouse.

A Coastal Bay HOA homeowner representing a non-profit organization seeking to rent a clubhouse will be considered for rental approval.  Detailed information about the organization and the intent of the rental will be required prior to rental approval.  The Rental Fee will be required unless waived by Board action.  To be considered for wavier of the rental fee, the event must:

-  be open to all Coastal Bay HOA homeowners;

-  be announced in the Coastal Bay HOA Website and/or a newsletter at least one month prior to the event; and

–  the renter has signed and submitted the liability waver.

The Coastal Bay HOA Community Association will annually provide civic, social and association-related meetings in the clubhouses throughout the year. HOA Board meetings, civic meetings and social events are open to all Coastal Bay HOA residents. Clubhouses Occupancy

One adult must be present for every eight (8) persons under the age of 16 to provide adequate supervision.

A security guard must be hired for any group of thirty (30) or more in which the majority are between the ages of 17 and 25.

Rental Fees and Deposits


Fee (non-refundable)                                                               $100

Security Deposit (Refunded after satisfactory inspection)                   $300

Fees and the deposit must be received and successfully deposited within two weeks following the reservation request in order for the rental to be confirmed. If not received within the two week period, the reservation will automatically be cancelled. Checks should be made to the Coastal Bay HOA Community Association. Any returned checks will automatically cancel the homeowner’s reservation and a bill for any bank fees will be issued.  The homeowner may resubmit a request for a reservation, but the reservation will not be processed until the full amount of the agreement, plus any fees, have been successfully deposited.

If a reservation is canceled three (3) weeks or more before the date of the event; all fees and the deposit will be remitted to the homeowner.

The deposit will be remitted to the homeowner upon successful inspection of the clubhouse following the event.  The deposit check will be destroyed and the homeowner will be notified by telephone or e-mail.

Any damages or missing furniture and/or equipment identified during the inspection following the event will result in holding the deposit until costs of repair or replacement are determined. This amount will be deducted from the deposit. The homeowner will be given a detailed document of the damages and a summary of the charges. The homeowner will be responsible for paying any costs in excess of the deposit within ten (10) working days of receipt of the bill.  Non-payment of these costs will be forward to the Associations attorney’s for action.

Reservations and Rental Periods

To check the availability of the clubhouse, go the Coastal Bay HOA Web site at, log-in and go to the Social tab on the top of the page.  Click on it and then on the link to take you to the clubhouse calendar.

Homeowners are not permitted to make reservations for an event more than six (6) month prior to the event.  The Coastal Bay HOA may reserve clubhouses for community-wide events up to a year in advance of the event.

The Property Manager and/or a Board Member will notify the homeowner when the rental application has been approved.  Clubhouse door access use a key and/or fob which will be provided by the Property Manager for the time period of the rental.

Rental Periods

No homeowner may make a reservation for more than two (2) consecutive days and no more than four (4) days in any one month.

During the week (i.e. Sunday through Thursday), the clubhouses may be used from 8:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m.  Music, or other loud noise, must cease at 10:30 p.m. during the week.  During the weekend (i.e. Friday and Saturday), the clubhouses may be used from 8 a.m. until 1 a.m. Music, or loud noise, must cease at 12 midnight.

Set-up prior to the event

The above rental periods include time for set-up.  Homeowners may not begin preparation activities or allow access to the clubhouse by guests or other participants of the event prior to the stated periods. Caters, and other non-residents, are not permitted in the clubhouse without the homeowner’s presence.

Cleaning and furniture arrangement following the event

It is the responsibility of the homeowner renting the clubhouse to put all furniture in its original location, remove all trash and clean as listed below. Homeowners must finish all tasks prior to the end of the rental period.  Homeowners must remove all personal and rental property by the end of the rental period. The homeowner renter should return the clubhouse to the condition it was in prior to the homeowner’s event.

Clubhouse Use Restrictions

Clubhouse rental is limited to the interior of the clubhouse and the clubhouse deck.  Restrictions include:

  • No smoking is permitted in the clubhouse or on the deck.
  • Clubhouse events may not overflow onto the clubhouse pool deck.
  • Structures may not be erected outside the clubhouse.
  • No paint, tape or tacks are permitted on walls, windows, fixtures molding, fireplace, mantels or ceiling.
  • Interior clubhouse furniture must remain in the clubhouse at all times.
  • No animals are permitted in the clubhouse or on the deck.
  • Deck furniture should remain on the deck.
  • Folding chairs and tables may be used in the clubhouse or on the deck.
  • Event participants are not permitted to use the pool facilities.
  • Event participants are not permitted to wear wet bathing suits in the clubhouse.
  • Parking is provided adjacent to the clubhouse and should be used by the participants of the event.  If parking is inadequate, guests are requested to park in a neighboring parking lot at their own risk and with the consent of the property owner.
  • No illegal substance will be allowed at any time in the clubhouse or grounds of the clubhouse.
  • The homeowner or resident must be present for the entire time the clubhouse facilities are in use.
  • No candles allowed inside or outside the clubhouse.
  • The outside doors must be kept closed when the air conditioner/ heater is on.
  • The homeowner is responsible for the conduct of his/her guests and proper behavior to proper behavior to prevent damage and excessive noise.
  •  Any resident of the development may stop in during a party if there is any indication that rules and regulations are being violated.  Proper authorities will be notified immediately.

Responsibilities, Risks Liabilities and Hazards

The homeowner assumes all responsibilities, risks, liabilities and hazards incidental to the activities for (including, but not limited to, the serving of alcoholic beverages), and hereby release and forever discharge the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents and members, past, present and future, from any and all claims, costs, causes of action and liability for personal injury or death and damage to or destruction of property arising from my use of the clubhouse and its appurtenances.  Violations thereof by any person setting up, serving at present at, attending, or in any other way related to the function, may, at the sole discretion of the Association’s Board of Directors, result in, but is not limited to, forfeiture of the refundable deposit.

The homeowner agrees that, if alcoholic beverages are served during the function, then alcoholic beverages shall (1) not be sold at the function, (2) not be served or allowed to be provided to minors at the function, and (3) shall only be provide to or served to adults in a responsible manner. At any functions held on community property, if alcoholic beverages are permitted, they are permitted on a “bring your own” basis only and are only to be consumed by persons 21 years of age or older, and the homeowner reserving the amenity is responsible for ensuring that attendees at the function drink responsibly and legally. At no time will the Association provide or serve alcoholic beverages.

As a condition of use of the clubhouse, the homeowner agrees to the terms of these rules and of the correlating Reservation Agreement, to use the clubhouse subject to the right herein reserved by the Association to enter the clubhouse and terminate the homeowner’s use thereof should any person engage in conduct that endangers the health, safety or welfare of other persons attending a function at the clubhouse, or if such conduct constitutes a threat to the clubhouse property, then the Association will have the right to immediately enter the clubhouse and terminate the member’s use of such property.

It is the homeowner’s responsibility to verify their key and/or fob is working prior to the event.  If the key and/or fob is not working, notify the property manager Monday through Friday between the hours of 9-5 or contact a Board Member.  If the key and/or fob does not work during non-work hours thus requiring the property manager to come the clubhouse, it will be considered non-emergency and the property manager is under no obligation to assist.

The homeowner should not tamper or in any way use the security system located in the clubhouse during or at the time of departure following the event.  Should the property manager be required to come to the clubhouse during non-office hours because of a non-emergency call or false alarm due to tampering or using the security system, a fee of $75 will be incurred and deducted from the deposit.


The homeowner agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Association, its officers, directors, employees, agents and members, past, present, and future, from any and all charges, claims, costs, causes of action and liability (including, but not limited to, attorneys’ fees) for any injury, to either person or property, suffered by the homeowner, family members, employees, agents servants, guests, invitees or any member of the Association or any other person which arise from or are in any way related to the agreed upon function, activity, rental or use of the clubhouse whether or not caused by the Association’s negligence.


The homeowner is responsible for clean-up of the clubhouse facilities (including

grounds) immediately after the use of the clubhouse either by:

Providing an additional $100.00 cleaning fee at signing of the contract, or;

By cleaning the facilities to the same condition in which it was found (see the list below):

  1. Homeowners must supply towels, dishcloths, paper towels, trash bags, brooms and vacuum cleaner.
  2. Remove all trash (inside and outside clubhouse) to personal property for disposal. Please do not leave trash at clubhouse.


3.  Clean all clubhouse areas used: bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, appliances, tables, etc.

4.  Vacuum all carpeting

5.  Sweep/ Mop all floors

6.  Return furniture to original location

7.  Set thermostat at 80 degrees.

8.  Leave refrigerator turned off with door closed

9.  Turn off all inside lights.

10. Lock all doors and windows

Oh Where, Oh Where Are Our Shutters?

Dear Coastal Bay Community:

We are putting out an S.O.S. for the storm shutters that belong to the Coastal Bay Community Clubhouse.   If you have any information that may lead to the recovery of the storm shutters to protect the Clubhouse during a potential hurricane, please contact one of your Board members to share that information.

Our past Board did not share any information with the new Board for locating our Community-owned property.  We are hopeful that someone in the community may have information to lead us to the recovery of our missing shutters!

How Do I Communicate with the Board?

Dear Coastal Bay Residents:

As you know we are currently using Phoenix Management Company to maintain our operations.  We are NOT using Phoenix Management Company for a full-service management operation for our Community, but rather the Board is continuing with day-to-day management responsibilities in an effort to keep the Association-fee costs down. For the history of our Community’s dealings with Phoenix, suggestions, problems, complaints, criticisms, COMPLIMENTS – yes COMPLIMENTS have been passed through by our residents from their contact with our Community representative at Phoenix Management.  We encourage this to continue to happen for as long as Phoenix continues providing us with services.  However, the Board wishes, also to be directly accessible to our Community.

Having said this,  we do need to remind Coastal Bay residents that our Board members are full-time working professionals who have agreed to step into the volunteer positions of the Board.  This is a time consuming position which requires countless hours behind-the-scenes to run the Community.  At the same time, the Board is deserving of having weekend hours and evening hours to enjoy their own families and lives without interruptions from Coastal Bay Community residents.   For this very reason, the Board is now providing direct communication access to the Coastal Bay Board via email address.  This a private one-on-one address for which a resident may voice a concern, a compliment, etc. for consideration by the Board to act upon.  You are STRONGLY encouraged to access this e-mail site in lieu of picking up the telephone and contacting the Board, UNLESS it is an emergency.   Communicating with us in this manner will ensure that someone on the Board sees your concerns.

Meanwhile, the Board has set up parameters for prioritizing your email communications … you must give your contact information for action to be taken which is your name, your unit # of ownership or residence and your phone number.  The Board will only seriously consider those communications that contain an identifier.  Anonymous comments, suggests and complaints will be placed on the “low priority” list since the Board will have to question the sincerity of the communication if the sender disguises his/her true identity.

Please note our new email site for sending individual, private comments that no other resident receives: .   Please continue to use to share your community thoughts with others, but use the other site to voice personal information.  Thank you.



Dear Coastal Bay Community:

WE HAVE LIGHTS!  Yes, we are excited about it!  The Board has been working diligently to improve the overall condition and operations of the Community.  We hope you have noticed that we recently have been able to get the lights operating back on in the Community.   Most of our street lights are lights for which FPL is responsible to keep the operation going.   We have learned through our diligent efforts (since the prior Coastal Bay Board refused to provide the new Board with any information that the old Board had obtained through its reign over the last 5-6 years) that FPL needs to know about any lighting issues.   Against all odds, the new Board is catching up on the learning curve!

We hope you are enjoying the return of the night lights!   Stay tuned for more positive happenings at Coastal Bay!